A darker groove than usual from this hip European combo – a record that still has their commitment to global sounds at its core, but which also comes across with these great 70s electric modes too – almost echoes of Dark Magus Miles Davis and Sextant Herbie Hancock – thanks to loads of cool keyboards and fuzzed-out production! The acoustic elements resonate wonderfully with the electric ones – so that percussion, bass, horns, and strings add a rich organic level next to the guitar, Fender Rhodes, and Wurlitzer – blending beautifully with a musical vision that really surprises us, given the earlier work from this group – a much richer sound, and one that's got us loving them way more than before !

(2014 ubiquity Records )

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra’s new album Last Odyssey finds the French band in fine form, creating music with Jazz as it’s foundation laced with strains of Ethio and Nigerian Funk combined with Latin Percussion and rhythms. By taking the “heaviest” elements from each genre and distilling it down to it’s most potent form, the band’s true identity is revealed and sets them apart from their influences.

a set that beautifully mixes together jazz, Latin, and African elements into one seamless groove!



(2012 Ubiquity Records)



Global jazz and funk from the excellent Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra – a group that works quite a timeless mode, actually – with strains of Nigerian jazz funk, Latin percussion and rhythms, 70s jazz funk and grittier funky soul throughout Ayodegi! What's so exceptional about this group is the seamless way they pull eclectic styles together without it ever feeling like they're genre hopping – Wonderful stuff!


( 2010 Underdog Records )


Solid modern Afro Latin funk and soul from France – definitely steeped in the roots, with more than enough, energetic style of their own to stir in to the eclectic stew! The hallmarks of Afrofunk & soul are pretty dominant, but the combo manages to bring in more Latin elements, some hard grooving organ & keys, even a bit of Creole hip hop to into the sound. It's a large group of players, bringing in an exciting eclecticism, while working hard within the Afro inspired sound, and without it ever getting too stylistically divergent for a fluid groove.


( 2009

Masta Conga Production )